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Solitude and Sacred Places



This past Sunday the pastor of the church I attend spoke about disciplines that will make us better people, better christians.  The first instalment of the series was on “Solitude” and the importance of getting alone with God without any distractions.  As I listened to him very passionately share his message, I realized that was something I was missing here in Cambridge, my solitude and scared place with God.  

Where we lived in Meaford there was this quiet little park across the street from us.  It was a pretty remote park and it’s only play equipment was a swing set.  And the beach.  It was my spot.  When I needed to get away from life, from the craziness of our family life and my emotional ups and downs, I often retreated to the park. I reunited myself with my inner child while I flew through the air on the swing.  The seats were high enough off the ground that I never worried about hitting the ground, I could pump my legs freely and close my eyes and connect with God.  

There was something about the freedom of the swing that put everything out of my mind.  The wind would clear my head in no time.  I found that I was left quieted and would reflect on my life as God spoke very clearly to me.  It was a sacred time and I treated as that, no distractions.  It was me and God.  

As I listened to my pastor this Sunday I realized it was important for me to find my sacred spot here in Cambridge.  A place in nature, away from the distraction of busy roads, busy family, busy minds where I can connect with my inner self and allow God to meet me where I am.  I need to be intentional in this and my spot to reconnect with my creator.


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