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New Years Day; a fresh year ahead of us with endless possibilities.  As a family we’ve entered the year in flux.  We’ve entered the year relying more on God than we ever have before in terms of meeting our immediate needs.  It’s is both humbling and difficult and yet very freeing as well.  As we rely more on God, our faith grows deeper every day, my faith grows deeper.  It’s not a particularly easy place to be and yet I’m at peace knowing that our lives are so much more meaningful and blessed when we allow God to direct us.

We come into 2013 feeling sure of things that we hope for.  As we seek God’s direction in our lives, we’re excited for the prospects and the things that we feel God is calling us to.  For Steve, it’s the start of “Hope’s Reason”, a ministry that is in its infancy stage.  For me, it may be another mission trip.  Steve will continue to work towards his doctorate, I hope to continue my studies beginning again in September.  It is a time to get to know each other again, to minister together again in some capacity, to allow our lives to shine the love of God to those around us.

Of course today becomes a day of resolutions and changes that we hope to aspire to for the new year.  I usually fail at those resolutions by noon on Jan 1st.  I’ve resolved to not make a resolution.  Instead I will continue on with my life, growing and changing into the woman God has created me to be.  I will strive to be a good steward with the blessings that God has given me: my life (physical, emotional and spiritual), my husband, my children, our finances, our home; and I will count my blessings and name them one by one.

My prayer is that God will bless your lives richly and that the Love of God will surround you and sustain you both in times of need and of abundance.



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